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Industry professionals say yes, but you should know how to create a purposeful digital brand before building your website.


By Dennison DeNatalie

While the entertainment, media, and arts industries are ever-evolving fields, are you and your brand also evolving? In today’s digital age, having a website is an essential tool for anyone looking to establish a career in the media arts industry. Whether you are an actor, musician, personality, or performer, building a brand to reach your audience and create a database of your information is crucial to your visibility and success.

A website is helpful for several reasons. One of the main reasons is to be a hub for potential employers to access your portfolio, social media, previous work, and contact information. Your website can also allow people looking to utilize your services to see how good (or bad…) your work is. Website content can include a bio about you and your resume; if you play your cards right, you can also sell merchandise.

It’s essential to differentiate yourself from others who may be in the same profession and competing for the same opportunity. Mary Durcan, a Career Services Associate at Five Towns College, agrees that a website is a “more accurate reflection of your skills, knowledge, and abilities. It shows that you’re current in this digital world.”


Higher education institutions like Five Towns College offer courses where students build online portfolios. 2023 FTC Mass Communications graduate Jacob Bila took a Senior Project course, where one of his primary assignments was creating a professional web destination.  “When you are starting off, it’s important to have a quick place of reference for networking, especially for content creators, who need a place to demonstrate their work.”

Once built, websites need little overall maintenance and show a direct return on investment. Creating a beautiful and functional website is relatively inexpensive and easy. Brands like Squarespace and GoDaddy make it easy to do it yourself. It’s also helpful once you have a website to cross-reference your website and social media platforms with each other to increase SEO and marketing abilities. More images and content on your sites and affiliated pages will also help. Web designers and marketing professionals alike will agree that more content is always better.

“I decided to create a website for my brand because it’s easier for potential employers to see my work and to understand who I am.” said FTC Mass Communications rising Junior Kate Miller, “Everyone should have a website because it’s a good extension of yourself and what you represent.”

My personal website-

Professionals also say that having a website can increase your credibility and visibility within the industry. While your brand grows, your website can grow with you because you can always add new experiences and accomplishments. Not only that, but a website can help you network with other professionals, which may evolve into more work in the future.

If you have yet to think about a website for your brand, it’s never too late to get started. FTC Mass Communications Junior Maddy Llanes said they plan on getting one going soon. “I’ve heard that having a website is a huge asset for a personal brand. I thought about it and definitely plan on making one so that when I graduate, I can keep adding my work to it. I’m also working on my resume as well.”

So, if you’re serious about pursuing a career in the entertainment or media industry, a personally titled website with thoughtful professional branding will help you break into the industry!

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