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Through a core of general and specialized course offerings and co-curricular activities, the program in Mass Communication leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is designed so that students acquire and demonstrate proficiency in the essential skills necessary for a career in the fields of broadcasting and journalism. Students study and learn the principles, laws and historical background of the Mass Communication industry, while enhancing their oral, written, and critical-thinking skills.




If you’re serious about music, business, education, media and the performing arts, Five Towns College can elevate your unique talents and get you where you want to be. Located in a thriving neighborhood near the Big Apple and Twin Forks of Long Island, Five Towns College offers degree programs that will hone your skills with hands-on coursework, engaged faculty of professionals and major-related work opportunities. Embark on your journey forward, realize your educational goals and pursue your creative interests.  To request more information, click here.


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