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Laser Tag Mode in the Sound Arena


By Jeff Kramer

Lights off, lasers on. The vibe was intense at the Laser Tag event held in the FTC Sound Arena on September 20th. The gym was decked out with a giant inflatable fun house set and different attack points for people to get others “out.” 

Teams were split into the red and blue squads. Winter Petracca, a Mass Comm Audio student, spoke about their experience at the event. “This was a lot of fun. That was a workout. I played three rounds, and I enjoyed it a lot. We got to work with teams, and we also got to play on our own. I feel like it would be kinda fun to have a dodgeball thing in the future.” 

Five Towns College continues to expand its offerings of fun student activities. “So, this is the same company that produced us Casino City last year, and during that event, they had talked to us about their indoor laser tag and just how awesome it is. And here we are one year later with the same company back on campus bringing us laser tag as a new event, just capitalizing on the excitement and energy of the Five Towns College Community,” said Assistant Dean for Campus Life Mike Cavalli.

Another Mass Comm Audio student, Sean Colon, described the evening. “This event was one of the most creative and interactive events I’ve ever been to. I feel like everyone was involved; everyone was enjoying it. I hope to see more active events in the gym like this.”

CAB (Campus Activities Board) Event Student Coordinator Sydney Mountain confirmed the student organization’s commitment to future events. “I can definitely say, as being a part of CAB now, we’re picking up on a lot bigger and fun events, and I’m excited to see what else we can do all through the future semesters.” 

This week, FTC Events will host The Latin Street Fair on September 26th from 3-6 pm in the Residential Quad and the Murder Mystery Dinner in the Upbeat on September 27th from 6-9 pm.    

Follow the FTC Events Instagram page for more info on upcoming events.

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