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Facts and Snacks for U.S. Constitution Day

SGA President Jeff Kramer reports from FTC's Constitution Day celebration.

Photo: Kim Davies

Did you know that the original U.S. Constitution was made up of 4,543 words, including signatures?  If you did, you could have won tasty treats during a U.S. Constitution Day celebration at Five Towns College.

Test your knowledge to receive White Castle or apple pie!

FTC students gathered in the Upbeat Cafe on September 18th (though U.S. Constitution Day is officially September 17th) to answer trivia questions about the Constitution’s Preamble, Articles, and Amendments. Students received an information sheet and reflected on the document’s significance.

“The constitution means to me the protection of our freedoms and being able to say that while we are free, there are certain rules we have to follow,” said Theatre major Tryston Bellon.


Saija White enjoys White Castle after answering a trivia question.


“It means I should get rights, and I can fight for my rights because of the constitution,” said Theatre major Saija White.

The League of Women Voters hosted a table to help educate students on the voting process.

“We came today because we so strongly believe that everyone who is eligible should be registered to vote, and do that, so the choice is theirs and not someone else’s,” said Lisa Scott, President of the League of Women Voters of Suffolk County.

Though 2023 is not a presidential election year, the LWV stressed community engagement.

“Voting is so important, and we have local elections this year that are important to everyone.  This is where we live. We have a voice in our government, and everyone should use it,” said the LWV’s Karen Anderson.

The LWV provided NYS Voter Registration forms, key dates, and a voter’s guide.

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