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Celebrating Love at Five Towns ❤️

Sweet treats in the Upbeat. (Photo: S. Cooney)


By Stephen Cooney

Love is in the air all week at Five Towns College.

On Valentine’s Day, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) set up the Share Your Love: Valentine’s Gift Making Table in the Upbeat Café, where students could pick up free candy and make gifts for loved ones and friends.  Stationery was provided at the table so students could make Valentine’s Day cards.

Mass Comm student Michelle Kantor stopped by the table during lunchtime. “I enjoyed putting my thoughts and feelings on paper because not only was it a holiday where you spread the love, but it was also about to be my brother’s birthday weekend and I wanted to give him a gift!”


Michelle Kantor makes a card. (Photo: S. Cooney)


Yolanda Penfield, the social media manager for CAB, believes the table was a success, stating that it “got everyone involved in bringing love and care to campus life.”


Celebrate your friends with friendship bracelets. (Photo: S. Cooney)


Love songs filled the hallways as the FTC Soundstream had a special playlist throughout the day. Students could hear the classics and popular new love-themed songs.

“We figured we would bring love to the campus at Five Towns College, and we couldn’t think of a better way than to play people’s favorite love songs.  But we also recognize how cheesy the holiday is too, so we put in some cheesy favorites, hoping it was a lot of fun for people who didn’t feel like celebrating,” said FTC Soundstream Co-Manager, Professor Jodi Vale.


(Design: Grace Bonamico)


Even though Valetine’s Day is officially over, the celebrations continue. On Friday, the Sweetheart’s Dance will take place in the Downbeat from 8pm-12am. CAB President CJ Tarrats previewed the event:

“At the Sweetheart’s Dance, students can expect good music, food, and a place for them to celebrate love, whether it be romantic, platonic, or for themselves. There’s open space for people to dance their heart out and feel the love, so if you want to have a great time, come on down!”

Check back at The FTC Record for coverage of the Sweetheart’s Dance. 

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