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FTC Esports team eyes top prize in Fortnite Battle Royale Build Duo playoff

Esports Team preps for the battle. (Photo: FTC Record)


By Rebecca Evangelist

The FTC Fortnite Battle Royale Build Duos team is playoff-bound tonight at 8 pm. The skill level is All. Five Towns is ranked 10th in the ECAC out of 66 teams. FTC’s Fortnite team is made up of Prince “PrinceTaragi” Taragi, James “Semaj” Suckle, and Miguel “Asterhias” Espin, who are all new to competing in collegiate Esports.

Five Towns is a real contender to win the playoffs. Currently, in 10th place, the FTC Fortnite Build Duos Team has a total score of 857 after eight weeks of gameplay.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how people will play now that it’s playoffs on top of the fact there’s all sorts of game adjustments such as the new map, weapons, and movement. With a lot of changes, I’m looking to see how things will change and how much different people will play,” said James “Semaj” Suckle.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free and made by Epic Games. The Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads have one goal in mind: to be the last player standing, hence the victory royale. The competition is cross-platform. However, the FTC Esports team plays on PC. Some players prefer to play with a controller, and others play with a mouse and keyboard.

Fortnite Esports took the world by storm when Epic Games introduced the World Cup, an Esports tournament that allows players from all over the world to showcase their skills and see who is on top. An Epic Games employee spoke to the Five Towns team a few seasons ago, saying, “FTC’s Esports team can compete for the World Cup. Yes, that’s right! You heard me. Colleges are allowed to compete and rep their college in the Fortnite World Cup.”

Tonight’s match will be streamed in the form of POV during the tournament. VOD will be on the team’s Twitch Channel. Students can make a free account to watch the competition.

Suckle summed up the night’s plan. “Win for us is always the goal. We have done it before. I think we are capable of doing it again if we make the right calls and make smart plays. Playoffs will be challenging, but I think we will have good results.”




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