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By Andrew Gluck

The Super Mario Bros Movie has set another record, becoming the second biggest animated movie in film history after hitting $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office last weekend (via Variety).

The Super Mario Bros. Movie came out on April 5th, pushed back from the original release date of December 21st, 2022, much to fans’ dismay.

Nintendo, Universal, and Illumination worked hard on this movie- planning for years to the excitement of generations, both young and old. When news that the movie making of Super Mario was confirmed, many big-name celebrities wanted in! Seth Rogen had that deep voice to play the role of Donkey Kong. Keegan-Michael Key made us laugh as he voiced Toad. Anya-Taylor Joy entertained us as Princess Peach. Charlie Day perfected an accent as Luigi. One of my all-time favorites, Jack Black, bowled us over as he voiced Bowser. Most importantly, though, the lead role of Mario was voiced by the one and only Chris Pratt.

New York Times movie critic Calum Marsh, said, “The second attempt at a big screen adaptation of the game franchise after the woefully unsuccessful “Super Mario Bros.” (1993) gets many things about Mario right.”

Super Mario Bros. was magnificent. The graphics and designs were perfect- I felt like I was in the actual game. The colors were bright. The computer animation felt almost real at times but still gave you an incredible feeling of being in the world with the characters.


As I anxiously waited for this movie to be released, I watched all the different trailers every time they came on and there were still surprises when I watched the actual film.  One example was when Donkey Kong appeared in the film; he actually teamed up with Mario for once instead of fighting against him. The plot of the movie is very different from what Super Mario fanatics are used to in the actual video game. Usually, Mario spends his time trying to save Princess Peach. This time, Mario had to go and rescue his brother Luigi from Bowser and his minions.

Here are some of the best parts – (SPOILER ALERT for some!) There was a commercial for the Mario Bros. Plumbing company. There were awesome scenes showing Mario Kart (my all-time favorite of the Mario games). They featured the one and only Donkey Kong singing the famous DK Rap. At one point, Bowser played the piano many times – who knew he was musical?

This movie did not disappoint; even the post-credit scenes were amazing. So be sure to wait until the very end before you stop watching!

Kyle Chayka of New York Magazine summed it up, “Recycling old intellectual property is a default formula in today’s Hollywood; nostalgia sells. Still, the scale of “Mario Bros.” ‘s success has been striking. ”

I highly recommend this fun-filled movie.

So, get your gaming friends and get ready to watch Mario fight Bowser in the name of his brother Luigi.

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