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FTC Reporter Emily Granados highlights the importance of an exercise regiment for students during the pandemic.

Generally speaking, fitness is always important to our health. In times like these when people who are considered “young and healthy” are fighting for their lives, health and fitness is crucial for everyone. Health and fitness isn’t just meant for weight-loss or to obtain a “summer body” but rather, fitness is meant for every-BODY.

Exercise is more than just “cardio to keep the fat off.” According to, regular physical activity can improve sleep quality, help smokers kick the habit and even increase the length of life.

When we exercise, many different chemicals are released from the brain into the body. Chemicals and hormones like endorphins which promote the feeling of happiness, and serotonin which triggers the feel-good receptors in the brain, are released during exercise. With an increase in those hormones and chemicals produced, we can see direct physical effects like reduced information and an overall better mood. Physical health and mental health are both directly correlated with one another. The better shape we keep our physical bodies, the better condition environment our minds have.

It is easy during these tough times to feel a decrease in overall mental health. People everywhere are experiencing anxiety, depression, and abnormal sleep cycles. A simple 15-minute exercise habit every day promotes consistency, well-being, and helps your immune system. Now more than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. We only get one body in this lifetime. We might as well do right by it and take care of it. COVID-19 has proved that the virus can effect anyone so it is a good idea to make sure that you’re giving your body the fairest fighting chance possible.

When asked about maintaining health during the pandemic, Personal Trainer, Coach, and Powerlifter Mel Granados shared some helpful insight:

“The point of staying home is to flatten the curve and protect everyone’s health. While it is critical that everyone does their part to stop the spread, it is also important to realize that not catching the virus is only one facet of health. Not looking after one’s health during this time places one at higher risk of death, should one catch the virus. And places one at a higher risk of physical, mental, and emotional ailments during and after quarantine.”

Quarantine and stay at home orders are no excuse not to take care of your body. Although one may not have the same equipment as a Big-box gym, there are still plenty of exercises and regiments to follow at home. There are still ways to get your heart rate up, increase strength and mobility, and be mindful of what we’re consuming. While it may be socially acceptable and even joked about on social media platforms, copious consumption of junk foods and alcohol during this time is an indicator of poor stress management techniques. Physical activity can help greatly with this.

Exercise routines do not have to be complicated. Start with a walk or going up and down a staircase a few times. Gradually increase intensity and duration. The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week, which correlates to 30 minutes of activity over the course of 5 days. With a little dedication, we can all come out of this quarantine in better shape than ever.

Anthony Amon, Owner of Redefine Fitness, gave us a tour of the gym and some simple exercises that can be accomplished from home.

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