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By Jeff Kramer

The Bar Set Film Studio on campus was alive with ideas and strategies on Thursday, March 23rd, as students and faculty came together to discuss prioritizing mental health and time management amidst the busyness of campus life. Led by Randi Giebel, School Psychologist, and Rason Myhand, HEOP Counselor, the event’s goal was to help students in their developmental process.

“We realized, if they [students] did not know how to solve these problems, how can we bring a remedy to this issue? So, we thought about strategies for life, how to take on common life issues using innovative and creative solutions to ensure you are successful when dealing with them,” said Myhand.


Students participate in interactive and strategy sessions. (Photo: J. Kramer)


Fun ice breakers such as catching a ball on one foot while reciting nursery rhymes got people comfortable. A key to the session was for students to identify what overwhelms them and to realize that they are not alone in what stresses them out. The group agreed that having good habits relating to sleep, phone use, morning routines, and time management would improve their self-care.

Tyler Justafort, a Freshman Business Audio major, said, “After the session, I pretty much got the tools to utilize to keep my life going in a positive direction. Every time I feel like I’m in a negative state, I have a lot of resources to just get myself out of it.”

According to Myhand, the goal is to hold a few sessions like this every semester. FTC School Psychologist Randi Giebel agreed. “The students learned some skills to learn about life stressors, and the next one will be April 13th.”

Students are also encouraged to stay connected to the FTC events Instagram page, @ftcevents, and be on the lookout for flyers for the next Strategies for Life session.

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