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High Ticket B-I-N-G-O Kicks Off Spring Semester Fun

Bingo in the Downbeat. (Photo: J. Chambers)


By Jena Chambers

Wrapping up the first week of fun activities for the Spring 2024 semester, High Ticket Bingo was a fun night to remember.

There were five rounds for everyone to be a part of: first was standard pattern bingo, the next three rounds needed a F, T, and then C patten to win, and the final round was blackout bingo (filling out the whole card).

FTC students competed for exciting prizes. The first-round prize was an FTC swag bag that included an FTC beanie, hoodie, and tumbler. Round two winners could score a $25 Amazon gift card.  Round three awarded a waterproof JBL Bluetooth speaker. Round four’s prize was a 2TB external hard drive, perfect to house upcoming school projects.  And the grand prize was a 43” flatscreen smart TV!


Daniel Garcia wins big at Bingo. (Photo: J. Chambers)


Mass Comm student Daniel Garcia won two big prizes, including the flat screen TV. “So, it’s kind of funny how that all happened. And just playing the last game for the TV kind of like, I already won once. I’m not going to win the second game. And then getting down to the last number and actually winning was kind of surreal. So, it was a really fun experience. I’m glad I got to do with all of my friends,” said Garcia.

Fellow Mass Comm student Fernando Gomez shared his thoughts on the first week being activity filled; encouraging the Campus Activities Board (CAB) to continue providing opportunities for students to have social outlets.  “It’s good to have sort of these events at the beginning of the semester, try to get everyone back into the flow of things. And it’s a lot of fun just to sit around with your friends and sort of make a competition out of it.”

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