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FTC Intern Panel Gives Valuable Advice to Students

Reporting & Photos by Jace DeMarco


Five Towns College Career Services hosted a lunchtime panel event on March14th to help students understand the importance of getting an internship.  Students can take Internship I or II for college credit in conjunction with their on-site internship.  Career Services invited the following current students and alumni to answer questions and give tips on getting an internship:

  • Kyle Geddes – U Stadium Intern
  • Jhari Williams – Boulton Center Intern
  • Jacob Dungee – Studio 611 Intern
  • Olisaemeka Emeagwali – Boulton Center Intern
  • Tre-Lawn Noel – CCC – Christian Center – Live Sound Intern
  • Brianna Hunter (Alum) – Interned at Lorraine Gregory Studios   

Career Services Director Krysti O’Rourke valued the panelists’ participation. “This was a great panel of our students this semester and alumni from last semester who took internship. They were talking about how they got their internship, the experiences that they have, how it’s helped mold their career path, and other great tips and advice for students wanting an internship,” said O’Rourke.

Throughout the event, panelists stressed the importance of being persistent when going about your internship search.

Film & Video major Alex Nachman got some helpful tips for his internship search, saying, “Ultimately, I feel that it was very insightful to hear from some of the fellow people that have done internships. I’m going to be doing an internship next semester, so it gave me more of a sense of purpose that I want to start looking and want to start planning for that.”

Once a student gets an internship, there is a lot to juggle with scheduling and classwork. The panelists shared their day-to-day internship responsibilities, which gave students perspective.

Mass Comm major Jeff Kramer said, “I liked hearing all the different experiences that current and some former students have. They gave great advice and as I’m trying to get an internship for the summer, I’m trying to get the same kind of experience.”

Students who are interested in getting an internship or just want some networking experience should mark their calendars and sign up for the April 16th Employer Networking Event.

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