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Disney Trivia Night- Sounds Quite Magical!


By Rebecca Evangelist and Jeff Kramer with additional reporting by Jacob Bila


How well do you know your Disney? Five Towns College students and staff gathered in the Downbeat to test their Disney skills on September 21st. Disney trivia included anything Disney owns so contestants needed to be ready to answer questions about songs, movies, TV shows, comics, as well as Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar.  As this is Five Towns, which calls itself Long Island’s Creative College, students also had to be ready to sing and act out scenes for points.

Six teams, named after Disney princesses, competed in the Do you know your Disney? event, where snacks and soda were provided to keep the contestants pumped up. The event was coordinated by CJ Tarrats, an FTC Film/Video major, who explained the event’s vision, saying, “I just wanted to have a fun time and see who really knows Disney to its core because learning about who is really involved in fandoms and movements is really fun and interesting.”

Disney princess-themed decorations hung from the ceiling of the Downbeat as Kayla Taylor, an FTC Business major, DJ’d songs such as Hannah Montana’s “Best of Both Worlds.”  The music contributed to sing-along lip-sync battles and sing-a-song-by-heart battles.  Students clapped along as team Cinderella and team Ariel battled it out for the first double-point lip-sync challenge.

Watch a sneak peak:

One of the highlights of the night was the second double-point duel, where the contestants had to act out a Marvel superhero scene. This challenge pitted FTC Interactive Media Arts majors Naasir Bradley and Johnny Ragusa against each other.  Ragusa chose to act out the Ironman Spiderman argument about the right to wear Tony Stark’s suit. Bradley did a perfect Black Panther impression, nailing the Wakanda battle cry during his performance, to ultimately win the duel.

Alexander Nachman, an FTC Film major, attended the event and spoke about what he loves most about Disney pop culture. “For me, Disney encapsulates a lot of things. For one, it’s really part of my childhood. There are so many Disney classics that I’ve seen, and Marvel, there’s just all these properties that I love with all my heart. Disney is really a big part of why I am a filmmaker. All those movies really inspired me to my core and made me who I am today.”


Team Rapunzel, comprised of Marc Cadou, Alex Nachman, Peter Caligiure, Dylan Lipitz, and Sebastian DiGirolomo, won the evening’s contest and received a prize bag filled with candy and, more important, Disney bragging rights.


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