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Midterm exams can be stressful, and FTC’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) was ready with activities to help students chill.


By Rebecca Evangelist and Jeff Kramer


Lo-Fi Lounge


Everyone needs a study break during midterm week! On March 13th, students came to the Downbeat for their usual 3:30 pm hangout time for a special Lo-Fi Lounge event filled with Lo-Fi music and relaxing activities. 

Lo-Fi lounge visitors made stress balls with balloons and kinetic sand and colored and customized their own license plate printouts. 

Members of the FTC CAB serenaded guests with their rapping skills with HBK Revenge among the performers, creating the perfect environment to cure midterm jitters.


Doodle Break


On March 14th, there was a Doodle Break during Common Hour in the Upbeat, where students could grab a pen and doodle. 

William Ramos, CAB Executive Board Member, spoke about the relaxed atmosphere. “The event was pretty cool. We had nice Lo-Fi music playing. People could just come around. We had some markers, like smelly ones, so it was really good, and colored pencils too, so people were drawing some really nice things… really nice smiley faces, overall just a happy and good time.” 

FTC’s Midterm Exam Week ends on Friday, March 17th.


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